Nothing More Partners with TWLOHA

Nothing More has partnered with mental health charity To Write Love On Her Arms for their current tour, the #truth tour.

The partnership will include volunteers handing out specially designed collaborative response cards, offering options to find mental health help and inviting concert goers to answer the question “in what places do you find hope?”

“We are blessed and grateful to be partnered with To Write Love On Her Arms. for the #ɥʇnɹʇ tour, starting tomorrow,” Nothing More shared on Facebook. “You are not alone. Thank you to everyone that has purchased a ticket to our tour so far, as a portion of every single ticket sold will directly help support To Write Love On Her Arms.”

This isn’t the first time that Nothing More, who often sings about topics like mental health and grief, has partnered with TWLOHA. The band’s campaign surrounding hit single “Jenny” also raised funds for TWLOHA, as well as The Trevor Project.

The #truth tour features Of Mice & Men, Badflower, and Palisades. For a full list of dates, visit To find out more about the work of To Write Love On Her Arms, visit

Copeland To Release ‘Blushing’ On February 14

Tooth & Nail Records alternative rock band Copeland is set to release their first new music since 2014.

The band announced on social media that they will release a full length project titled Blushing on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) next year. “We’re very excited to announce our new album and we will have a new song premiering [December 6] on Billboard!”

Copeland was formed in 2002 by vocalist Aaron Marsh and guitarist Bryan Laurensen. They have released chart impacting records like In MotionEat, Sleep, Repeat and You Are My Sunshine. The band returned in 2014 with their fifth album, Ixora, after a six year hiatus. They have been actively involved with To Write Love On Her Arms through both promoting the organization and participating in the annual Heavy and Light event, which promotes hope and seeking help.

Pre-order Blushing by visiting Copeland’s online store and keep up with them by following them on Facebook or Twitter.

Rock and Roll Gives Back on Giving Tuesday 2018

November 27 is this year’s Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days.  This day marks the kickoff of year-end charitable contribution drives, widely called “Giving Tuesday.” Adding to the annual excitement and social media buzz, Facebook and PayPal announced that they will be matching donations to eligible US-based nonprofits up to a grand total of $7 million.

The rock and roll community is also getting involved in this tradition. Below you can find our roundup of just a few of the bands and nonprofit organizations that are helping out today.

On November 26 P.O.D., who recently released their tenth album Circles, performed in Dallas, Texas for a sold out event raising funds for Toys For Tots.

XD Out, the heavy duo formed by brothers Chris and Josh Haines in 1999, is raising funds for the dual purpose of Music and Medicine, according to a post on Facebook.  They launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money toward their fourth studio project, along with 10% of all donations going to the Cancer Research Foundation in memory of their father Jerry, who passed away in 2013. Check out more information about the project and this fundraiser by visiting the GoFundMe campaign page.

The Hands and Feet Project, the nonprofit founded by former Audio Adrenaline members Mark Stuart and Will McGinness that helps children and families in Haiti, is celebrating 15 years in Haiti with a $15,000 match today.  Find more information about how to help out by visiting their website.

HeartSupport is a music focused nonprofit founded by August Burns Red lead singer Jake Luhrs in 2011. According to their Facebook, “HeartSupport exists to equip, encourage, inform, and provide emotional support to young adults caught in cycles of addiction, suicide ideation, depression, sexual abuse, relationship issues, and family issues. We achieve this goal through peer-to-peer mentoring and support, musician partnerships and involvement, recovery programs and faith-based teachings, and connecting young adults to resources in their local areas.” This year, they are raising funds specifically to create a festival around their mission. Find out how you can help this organization by visiting their website.

Our friends at To Write Love On Her Arms, whose mission has always been tied to the music community, are participating in the Facebook and PayPal match for Giving Tuesday with a goal of raising $10,000 to continue their mission of encouraging people that “2019 needs you.” They are inviting everyone to “give the gift of hope and help today.” You can learn more about their campaign and contribute by visiting their campaign on Facebook.

Another longtime force in the music culture, Switchfoot is following up Black Friday merch sales with an invitation to contribute to their Bro-Am Foundation. The foundation benefits homeless and at-risk youth in Switchfoot’s native San Diego, as well as benefitting multiple other charities over the years at the annual Bro-Am event. “We always say that the best part of SWITCHFOOT is the incredible community that has grown out of the band,” Switchfoot said in an email. “We started the BRO-AM Foundation almost 15 years ago now, and year after year we’re blown away by your generosity and care for the world around you.”

Last but not least, fresh off his recent trip with his family to the frontlines of the battle against human trafficking, David Zach and Remedy Drive continue their efforts to raise awareness and funds to prevent human trafficking through the charity The Exodus Road. Learn more and help out on this post on Remedy Drive’s Facebook page.

It is always a beautiful thing to see the music community join forces in such a way to help others and fulfill a purpose beyond the music. Rock On Purpose would love to hear from our readers today as well.  As we turn the corner into the final month of 2018, what are some of the charitable organizations you like to support during the holiday season?

TWLOHA: World Suicide Prevention Day and Music

The music community, and especially the rock community, has become inextricably tied to the mental health conversation in America. And it’s a time when that conversation is more urgent than ever before: the suicide rate in the United States has risen 25% in the last 20 years. That tragic number has been felt in losses of rock icons Chester Bennington, Tom Petty, Chris Cornell and Jill Janus.

As we mark 2018’s Word Suicide Prevention Day at the start of National Suicide Prevention week, TWLOHA‘s music and events coordinator Elizabeth Wilder took some time to share about this year’s campaign and the unique role music has to play.

Can you share a little bit about the idea behind this year’s World Suicide Prevention Campaign theme, “Tomorrow Needs You?”

Every year we come together and brainstorm different World Suicide Prevention Day slogans. In past years, we have pulled from books and blogs and quotes from people who have had close ties with To Write Love on Her Arms. Finding the perfect slogan or theme is all about connecting with an audience. What is going to draw people in? What is going to get people thinking? And more importantly, what will engage people?

“Tomorrow Needs You” hit us and it stuck. It’s an opportunity to allow people to look forward, to see the future and know that it’s bright. We hope that this phrase can let people know that they’re never walking alone.

A really fun moment that has set this year’s campaign apart from years past has been the raffle of the signed soccer jerseys. How did that come to be, and what impact has it had on TWLOHA’s overall aim for this year’s fundraising?

Jamie, our founder, and Ashlyn Harris actually went to the same high school, so the connection has always been there even before she became a soccer icon. Jamie reconnected with Ashlyn a few years ago, and she has always been a big supporter of To Write Love on Her Arms’ mission. We’ve been able to witness the support of the soccer community grow every year, and we’re so grateful for the friendship we’ve been able to nurture. Jamie attended the USA vs. Chile game, where Ashlyn Harris, Christen Press, Tobin Heath, and Alex Morgan all graciously donated their jerseys to raise money for our WSPD campaign.

The response has been incredible. In about a week, we have raised over $30,000 through raffle tickets. We raised our overall goal to $50,000 because of the engagement it had received. We’re so humbled by the ongoing support, and the multitude of opportunities we’ve been able to share with these women.

TWLOHA has done the difficult, valuable, complex work of enduring as a non-profit for over a decade now. What are some of the ways that TWLOHA’s approach has grown and developed over the years?

It’s really interesting to think about how our approach has grown over the past 12 years. I think it’s all about meeting people halfway, wherever that may be. Whether it’s at a music festival, in a school, or at a yoga event, we want people to feel welcome and heard. We’ve learned that mental health does not discriminate. It impacts all walks of life, and we want to be able to feel comfortable enough to share their story. Our mission is to reach as many people as we can, however we can.

The mission of TWLOHA has always been tied to the music community. What makes music a natural fit for the conversations TWLOHA wants to foster?

At To Write Love on Her Arms we always like to say, “Music is a safe place.” We go to concerts to drop the heavy at the door and get lost in our favorite bands/artists. Being able to act as a bridge of hope and help to people in the music scene feels, like you said, a natural fit. We want to connect with people the same way they connect to music. It’s a unique platform that can reach a lot of hurting people. From the beginning we have had such strong support from the music community, and we can only hope that continues over the next few years.

How can music fans specifically engage in supporting the work TWLOHA is doing?

We make it really simple for people to get involved and support TWLOHA’s mission. We encourage people to take a look at our Get Involved page to see how you can bring a message of hope and help to your community. Whether it’s purchasing info cards to hang up in venues and coffeeshops or getting educated, everything helps to start a healthy conversation about mental health. Music fans specifically can host a benefit, which a is a night of song and poetry, to raise awareness and support TWLOHA. We’ve witnessed so many stories shared, and so much vulnerability at events likes these.

What is a good shortlist of resources for those who are struggling or know someone who is struggling?

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, we encourage you to check out TWLOHA’s Find Help page. We have resources in all 50 states, and 3 different countries. If you’re in immediate crisis please don’t hesitate to text TWLOHA to 741741, Crisis Text Line, you’ll be automatically connected to a trained crisis counselor. We want you to know that you’re not alone, that your story is important, and that help and hope are real.

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