Dystopian Dreams Return: “Termination” by The Devil Wears Prada

Termination The Devil Wears Prada

As many know by now, The Devil Wears Prada is releasing a follow-up to their 2010 EP Zombie, aptly titled ZII. The lead single off the EP, "Termination," sounds like the band has gone back to the distinct heavy nature of the original Zombie EP while also maintaining a lot of their current, more atmospheric sound.

Silent Planet and Fit For a King Release Collaborative Singles

Silent King Merch and Single

Silent Planet and Fit For a King released a special dual single on April 9, trading vocalists on recent tracks from the bands. "Trilogy" by Silent Planet was reimagined with Fit For a King vocalist Ryan Kirby at the helm, while Garrett Russel put his vocal stamp on "Stockholm" by Fit For a King. The two Solid State bands have offered the joint singles in service of a greater cause, playfully calling their collaboration "Silent King."

From Desperate to Redeemed: ‘The Path’ by Fit For a King

The Path cover Fit for a King

All in all, The Path is a solid entry for a band that has perfected their sound and nailed down their songwriting. When the narrative of tearing down what puts us in positions of desperation (whether it’s destructive thoughts or inconsistent behaviors), holding on to the bonds we make, and fighting to find commonality and connection with others is considered, this is one of Fit For a King's more positive outings.