Award Winning Artist Zahna Releases Her First Pop Single

Prayers in the Dark Zahna

“I've experienced these types of nights only a handful of times in my young life. There were moments I truly felt abandoned by God.” Zahna explains. “But even through turbulent times in my faith, when I believed that God wasn’t listening to my prayers, He always showed me later somehow that He was with me, and He has always been with me.”

DAV Encourages Unity With Latest Single “The Divided”

DAV is not backing down from their desire to spread a message of hope and unity during a time when there is so much hatred, anger, and fear. Although “The Divided” was inspired by the way the COVID crisis has caused many people to pick and defend their side, frontman Dave Hanson shares that, at the root of it all, there is a deeper issue: we are all broken and in need of a savior.