Attaboy Joins Radiate Music, Releases New Single

Pop rock band Attaboy is newest addition to Radiate Music, the unique studio/management/label fusion helmed by producer Ian Eskelin (founding member of All Star United). Along with the announcement, the band christened the new era by releasing “Waking Up.”

The Indiana-based band has made a name for themselves playing concerts and camps across the country. “Waking Up” is the first taste of an upcoming full length album. The band enlisted Doug Weier (Anberlin, We Are Leo) for the track.

Guitarist Jeff Edgel describes the song as a kind of call to action. “In a world filled with hatred and barriers attempting to separate us, the song celebrates living a life characterized by unity and love.”

With a new album coming soon, you can keep up with Attaboy by finding them on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and Twitter.

Source: Hoganson Media

Scott Stapp Unveils Lyric Video For “Name”

As anticipation continues to build for The Space Between the Shadows, Scott Stapp today dropped a lyric video for a rock ballad set to appear on the forthcoming album.

“Name” is a song about a son without a father– the space between the shadows, according to a post shared on social media.

In addition to this lyric video as well as a compelling video for the lead single “Purpose For Pain,” Stapp recently announced that he will embark on a tour in support of The Space Between the Shadows, his first new solo music since Proof of Life in 2013.

For more information about the former Creed frontman or to preorder the upcoming album, visit

Out Of Black Releases Music Video for ‘Animal’

Out Of Black has released a music video for their song “Animal” (featuring Jake Jones). The video premiered at

The song, which we previously reviewed here on Rock On Purpose, was produced by Jake Jones (As We Ascend) and Andrew Stanton (Disciple). It was mastered by Robert Venable (As We Ascend). The music video was shot and edited by Missy Black.

To keep up with Out Of Black, make sure you’re following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Gandhi’s Gun Releases New Single ‘We Are the Stars’

Gandhi’s Gun, a rock band based in San Antonio, Texas, has dropped their first single of 2019, a song called “We Are the Stars.”

The song was released alongside an official live video filmed at L.A.’s famed Whiskey a Go Go venue. You can watch the video below.

This track follows up 2018’s stand-out single “Through it All.” Gandhi’s Gun has crafted a sound that pairs staple hard rock sounds with an electronic edge, tied together by messages centered on hope.

If you like what you hear, you can keep up with Gandhi’s Gun’s future releases by finding them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Seventh Day Slumber Asks for Prayers Following Bus Accident

Last night, Seventh Day Slumber was in a severe bus accident when their bus, affectionately known as “Maroon 7,” collided with a parked firetruck on the interstate.

“We are all ok, just banged up,” the band reassured fans. Each of the band members expressed gratitude for the miracle that no one was hurt worse, and especially that the bus driver walked away from the wreck without major injury. Although there are many minor injuries, everyone is out of the hospital at this time. In true rock and roll fashion, the City Rockfest tour is still doing its best to reach tonight’s show in Victoria, TX.

There has been no official fundraiser set up yet for the band as they continue to determine the needs, but fans can send early donations via PayPal to the address You can also bring donations directly to the band at remaining dates on the City Rockfest tour.

You can share your support and prayers as well by finding the band on Facebook and Instagram.

Paper Route Announces Indefinite Hiatus

Alt rock band Paper Route announced in a tweet this week that they are officially on hiatus.

“For those asking, we apologize for our radio silence in 2018,” the tweet reads. “We are on indefinite hiatus currently and will update you if that ever changes. Thank you for all the love over the years. In a chaotic industry, our fans have been the one constant which we are so grateful for.”

No further information was given regarding the circumstances of the band’s hiatus. Lead singer JT Daly is an accomplished remixer, visual artist, and songwriter, and he spent some of 2018 on side project The Voodoo Children.

The band released their last album, Real Emotion, in 2016. The single “Chariots” gained a significant amount of traction, including placement in the game FIFA 17. Paper Route has released three studio albums in total, including Absence (2009) and The Peace of the Wild Things (2012).

The Rocket Summer Prepares New Album

The Rocket Summer, the project of prolific creative and one man band Bryce Avary, has fallen quiet in the three years since Zoetic released. But Bryce broke his silence this week to share that new music is coming soon.

“I thought I had finished recording most of the album so I went on tour last summer and proclaimed from the stage night after night that my new album was almost done,” Bryce Avary admitted in the open letter. “And then more songs were born… a lot more. Songs that I simply had to chase.”

This resulted in the musician re-entering the studio, creating, and ultimately taking a step back to assess what he had. “And on Jan 2, I started sifting through the mountain of songs and am now finally M I X I N G this new album. I have to say the way it’s sounding is making me smile real big. I’m very proud of it and can’t wait for it to be ours and not just this thing only I know about.”

Excited fans instantly responded with enthusiasm. The project will be The Rocket Summer’s seventh since their break-out debut Calendar Days in 2003. To keep up with the mixing process and find out when the official release date is set for, find The Rocket Summer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Grizzly Awards Set to be the Industry’s First All-Rock Awards

The Grizzly Awards is preparing for a 2019 launch as the Christian music industry’s first all-rock awards. The Grizzly Awards are being produced by a partnership of professionals with wide range of industry experience, all passionate about covering the longstanding gap left by heavy music’s exclusion from most major awards.

The Grizzly Awards seeks to celebrate the innovation, excellence, and spiritual impact of rock and metal community members at every level of the creative process: on the stage, in the studio, and behind the scenes. In the true spirit of rock and roll, we recognize talent and purpose-driven hearts wherever they are found— not just within the approved delineations of major label rosters and radio airplay.

Beyond simply awarding the few, The Grizzly Awards exists to unify the Christian rock community as a whole, fostering connection, community, and the pursuit of excellence. This means inviting listeners into the process at every level, extending the opportunity to be a part of investing in a movement to strengthen a genre that has often been overlooked and under-resourced.

The Grizzly Awards commits to operating at all levels with a foundational commitment to the Gospel, adhering to an unwavering belief that Jesus Christ changes and saves lives. This belief is the ultimate impetus for building an event supporting songs that are a unique tool for communicating that message of redemption.

Join the movement. Find us for more news as it develops on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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