Every Side of Life: “Death By Admiration” by Seventh Day Slumber

Seventh Day Slumber Death By Admiration

How does a band that has been around since the late 90s put together something fresh and new? Seventh Day Slumber's response to that question is their latest album Death By Admiration, an album that sees the band exploring territory they've only teased before.

From Desperate to Redeemed: ‘The Path’ by Fit For a King

The Path cover Fit for a King

All in all, The Path is a solid entry for a band that has perfected their sound and nailed down their songwriting. When the narrative of tearing down what puts us in positions of desperation (whether it’s destructive thoughts or inconsistent behaviors), holding on to the bonds we make, and fighting to find commonality and connection with others is considered, this is one of Fit For a King's more positive outings.