Switchfoot’s “Fantastic Not Traveling Music Show” offers Fans Additional Live-stream Opportunities

With the prospect of no in-person music opportunities continuing, bands have started to push more livestream opportunities. Switchfoot just finished their first official livestream concert with their annual Bro-Am. At that streamed event, they also announced a new livestream opportunity for fans.

Joy Invincible: Switchfoot’s Fantastic Traveling Music Show

Switchfoot presented the tour as a way to thank their fans for more than 20 years of music. Really, it also ultimately served as proof of why this group can easily fill out auditoriums after over two decades. The songs cast a little light on the things that survive the shipwrecks, the things that outlast the storms: love, hope, redemption, melody, community. The resilience of those things through all the worst chapters we live is truly a joy invincible.