Introducing Cooper Stuff: A Podcast Hosted by John Cooper of Skillet

Cooper Stuff Podcast

Panheads in 2019 will have no problem getting their fill of all things Skillet. The latest in the Skilletverse is a brand new podcast hosted by John Cooper, aptly titled Cooper Stuff.

Legacy by The Protest:

The Protest has made a name for themselves throughout their native midwest with their raucous live shows and one of the most dedicated fanbases around. It’s been four years since those fans heard new music from The Protest, but they’ll find that Legacy was more than worth the wait. Legacy is The Protest’s debut project [...]

Stories: ‘Watch it Burn’ by Disciple

The Song: "Watch it Burn" by Disciple The Story: For Courtney, "Watch it Burn" became an anthem in the middle of extreme anxiety. "When I first started experiencing an allergic reaction to disposable gloves, it triggered immense anxiety and compulsions. I was terrified of dying. I worried about contamination and infection all day every day. [...]

Long Live the Rebels by Disciple: Rebel Anthems

For Disciple, Long Live The Rebels is more than just the title of their newest album: it's a mission statement, a carefully encapsulated ideal, that has shaped and driven the band's trajectory since Kevin Young formed it well over 20 years ago. Part of that ethos involves reinventing the norm--even when it means challenging their [...]