Solid State Records Signs The Devil Wears Prada

Solid State Records, already home to many legendary heavy bands, is adding yet another powerhouse to their lineup with The Devil Wears Prada.

In a video post on Monday, Solid State announced that they are welcoming The Devil Wears Prada to the Solid State family.  TDWP is getting set for a busy fall season, with new music approaching and a tour in celebration of the ten year anniversary of With Roots Above And Branches Below, the bands’ third studio album.


The Roots anniversary tour features special guests Fit For A King– a fellow Solid State band that recently released Dark Skies-– and ’68. The tour kicks off September 27 in Seattle, Washington and will crisscross the United States and Canada while hitting over 30 cities, including Nashville, New York and Dallas.

Additional information and tickets can be found by visiting their website or by following TDWP on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The Devil Wears Prada is a metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio, originally formed in 2005. Their most recent album, Transit Blues, was released on October 7, 2016 through Rise Records.

Switchfoot Officially Ends Hiatus

Switchfoot has officially ended their hiatus with a video sent out to their email list. “Even when you stop chasing songs, the songs chase you,” Jon Foreman shared. You can watch the video below.

The video follows social media teaser items posted over the past few days. At the end of the piece, the band shares the promising note “to be continued 10/19/2018.”

The imagery that has been used so far suggests that likely the band’s 11th studio album will be coming soon. Beyond that, Switchfoot has not released any more details about what the end of the hiatus will look like. But though details are scarce, fan excitement is higher than ever.

You can follow Switchfoot as they “step back into the ring” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Skillet’s John Cooper and Seth Morrison Announce Heavy Side Project Fight the Fury

Skillet’s John Cooper (vocals) and Seth Morrison (guitar) have announced a brand new side project, Fight the Fury. They launched their social media pages and an email list, inviting fans to sign up for more news before the end of the day.

“I have been dying to announce my new band Fight the Fury! For those fans who keep asking for hard and heavy music, this project is for you,” John Cooper shared in the post. The band has already announced a few upcoming shows in Russia this winter.

This news continues what seems to be the year of the side project for Skillet, who has also been celebrating Jen Ledger’s first solo EP, LEDGER. Fans don’t have to be alarmed though: Skillet has been assuring their audience on social media that Skillet is going to keep going strong too.

The fan reaction has been immediate and explosive, with many Skillet fans who loved the Collide-era hopeful for a return to the grittier sound they fell in love with. To keep up with Fight the Fury as it develops, you can join the email list, or find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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P.O.D. Announces New Album ‘Circles’

P.O.D. has announced that they will be releasing a new album, Circles, on November 16. The band will be releasing more information about the project on their social media channels on September 7.

Circles will follow up P.O.D.’s 2015 concept album The Awakening. It’s unclear if their 2017 single “Soundboy Killa” will be a part of the project or not. In addition to announcing the album news in a Facebook post, P.O.D. promised that a new video is to come in a screencap on Instagram.

As a crucial pioneer in the rapcore movement, P.O.D. has been a mainstay in the rock world for over two decades now. Their dedicated fanbase has been quick to express their excitement for new music all over social media.

For more information when it drops on September 7, follow P.O.D. on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Beartooth Announces ‘Disease’

Beartooth has announced the details of Disease, their third studio album. Disease will be releasing on September 28, and you can hear two songs, “Disease” and “Bad Listener,” now.

The album is available for preorder at Beartooth has announced an accompanying tour in support of the full album, and you can see the full list of dates on their Facebook.

In a feature piece with Alt Press about the upcoming album, frontman Caleb Shomo took a deeper dive into what you can expect from Disease: “What makes a Beartooth album good is that I am willing to go to these places that I don’t want to go to myself and create the inner monologue. That’s what people relate to and what they connect to… There were songs we didn’t use simply because of the subject matter. But that’s the point: capturing those dark inner moments. That was the biggest eureka moment making this thing.”

It’s an approach that follows naturally from Disgusting and Aggressive, albums that dive deep into Shomo’s own mental health struggles, spirituality and the hard path to sobriety. You can watch the video for “Disease” below.

To keep up with Beartooth as they head into this new album cycle, find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Fireflight Prepares To Release New Single ‘Die Free’ Featuring Kevin Young of Disciple

Fireflight will be releasing “Die Free” on August 11, a new single featuring Kevin Young of Disciple. The single is their second of 2018, following up “I Won’t Look Back.”

The single continues to mark an era of Fireflight that sees a return to their rock roots, less touring and a one single at a time approach. Taking things at their own pace and embracing the independent model has allowed Fireflight to tackle some of their weightiest subject matter yet.

“All of our attention is so completely captured by the fool’s gold surrounding us, that we have become dulled to the voice of God and His great calling for our lives,” lead singer Dawn Michele says of the song’s message. “It’s time to wake up and realize that this world has nothing for us, only the power and love of God can ever fulfill the desires of our hearts and minds.”

FireFlight_DieFree_single art

Look for “Die Free” on radio and all digital retailers starting August 11. In the meantime, make sure you’re following Fireflight on Facebook, SpotifyInstagram and Twitter.

Manafest In Final Hours Of Remix Album Pledge Campaign

Rapper/rocker Manafest is in the final hours of a PledgeMusic campaign to fund a remix project. You can find the campaign by clicking here.

The album is called Stones Reloaded, and will feature 14 tracks, one of which will be a never-before-heard song. “It sounds like a brand new emotionally charged album, highlighting lyrics and moments making it one of my most diverse records,” Manafest explained on the campaign page.

The creative team for the project included a diverse range of remixers and merchandise creation by Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter) and Corey Myers. Manafest has been keeping social media updated on the project through videos at every step of the process.

In addition to visiting PledgeMusic for preorder bundle options, you can find Manafest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

MxPx Celebrates 26th Year as a Band

Longtime punk rock band MxPx is celebrating the 26th anniversary of their first show with the unveiling of a shiny new single.

In a post on their Facebook page on July 6, the band introduced “Rolling Strong,” the second single from their upcoming 2018 full length album. The album is being crowdfunded and can be pre-ordered through a Kickstarter campaign.

MxPx released a video for “Rolling Strong,” which is also available on Spotify and Apple Music. Watch the video below.


Lead guitarist Tom Wisniewski said of the new song, “Rolling Strong was always the first track on the record… the way it starts with me plugging in my guitar and letting it feedback, to the way it builds into [lead singer and bassist] Mike [Herrera] on bass, and finally when we all kick in with [drummer] Yuri [Ruley]; it was a statement that this record says we are more excited than ever to get out there.”

To learn more about MxPX, pre-order the new album or find out where you can catch them performing live, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This story contributed by Matt Durlin.

VERIDIA Launches Preorder For New Album ‘The Beast You Feed’

VERIDIA has launched preorders for their new album The Beast You Feed through PledgeMusic. The project will be releasing independently, so the preorder serves as a fan funding model as well.

“A recent business development with our record label getting purchased has led to us having a brand new album to release but no label to do it through,” the band explains on their campaign page. “We’ve partnered with PledgeMusic so that fans and supporters like YOU can help us finally release this album to the world!”

The album announcement follows the announcement of the first single, “Numb,” which will be releasing on July 27 and is available on presave on Spotify now (click here). VERIDIA singer Deena Jakoub took fans behind the personal process of the last two years and the new song in a transparent post on social media. “The past 2 years have been an excruciating battle to get out of deep depression and to find joy in moments again,” she shared. “While trying to numb heartbreak, I was simultaneously numbing my ability to feel the love around me.”

The song also gives fans a taste of the kind of healing messages VERIDIA listeners have come to expect, with Deena concluding “You are beautiful and so is your story. It’s NOT just you, we all numb… and even though I’ve come to realize vulnerability is one of the most valuable relational tools, it doesn’t make it easier. But, I promise, it is SO worth it. I’ve decided to stop letting fear, anxiety, and depression prevent me from having incredible experiences, from loving and truly knowing myself and others. You can find joy, love, happiness, and fulfillment in this life.”

Preorder packages for The Beast You Feed are all available on the campaign page now. You can continue to keep up with VERIDIA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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