Lyrical Resonance Reacts: “The Nations Fall” by Buried Above

The Nations Fall cover by Buried Above

Buried Above's fourth single has been out for a couple weeks now, but its impact is still resonating through the music community. A blazing hard-rock anthem, "The Nations Fall" is a must listen for fans of bands like Disciple, The Protest, and Nine Lashes. To hear some thoughts on the track instrumentation and lyrics, take [...]

Reclaim the Day Is Sentenced to Life

Reclaim the Day

Reclaim the Day is a key voice in the new class of faith-based rock and roll. Their song "Who You Are" introduced the band to the world, showcasing a passionate and dramatic rock sound reminiscent of Skillet and Evanescence. 2021 has kicked off with the band's follow-up single, "Sentenced to Life." The band's mission is driven by the power of their own personal experiences with depression, anxiety, and grief, every lyric screaming with the force of the hope they've found. On behalf of Rock On Purpose, Matt Sassano caught up with the band on their new single and what lies ahead.

Forsaken Hero Releases God of Revival

Forsaken Hero has released an uplifting and atmospheric new song with “God of Revival." “God of Revival” has a powerful rock worship feel, and I am a fan especially of the stringed instrument start to the track. It gives an uplifting soaring feeling. The track then melds into what we've come to expect from Forsaken [...]