Adelaide collaborates with Bayless for breathtakingly cinematic new music video “Masquerade”

Masquerade Adelaide music video

The music video plays like a short film, a sweeping cinematic take on the masks we hide behind— and how we might be set free from them.

Raising the Bar: ‘Ready. Aim.’ by Bayless

With their absolutely masterful pairing of vocal tones and the ability to bring in symphonic and electronic elements without ever compromising the gritty heaviness, Bayless's Ready. Aim. is easily the strongest release this year from an independent rock band. Beyond simply having all of the right elements in play, Jared and Vanessa (aided by an exceptional production team) execute those elements with polish and professionalism that could see them easily standing alongside the biggest rock releases this year. If you take a shot on only one band you haven't heard of this year, Bayless should be a top contender.