Jon Foreman Gives His Shirt to Fan Who Wore Switchfoot Shirts for 28 Days

Jon Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot, is mailing one of his own shirts to a dedicated fan who devoted the entire month of February to wearing a different Switchfoot shirt every day.

“I wore only @switchfoot shirts for the entire month of February. That’s pretty cool right?” fan Mitchell Hartley tweeted. He included a picture with his full collection of shirts.

Not long after, Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman and Drew Shirley posted a video, which you can watch below. “We couldn’t figure out what we’d give you because you already have all our shirts,” Jon said. “So I’d just give you the shirt off my back.”

Mitchell used the hashtag “#SwitchShirtFebruary” to document his journey, during which he attended Switchfoot’s Native Tongue tour. For a full list of Switchfoot’s tour dates (or to get 28 Switchfoot shirts of your own), visit

Paper Route Announces Indefinite Hiatus

Alt rock band Paper Route announced in a tweet this week that they are officially on hiatus.

“For those asking, we apologize for our radio silence in 2018,” the tweet reads. “We are on indefinite hiatus currently and will update you if that ever changes. Thank you for all the love over the years. In a chaotic industry, our fans have been the one constant which we are so grateful for.”

No further information was given regarding the circumstances of the band’s hiatus. Lead singer JT Daly is an accomplished remixer, visual artist, and songwriter, and he spent some of 2018 on side project The Voodoo Children.

The band released their last album, Real Emotion, in 2016. The single “Chariots” gained a significant amount of traction, including placement in the game FIFA 17. Paper Route has released three studio albums in total, including Absence (2009) and The Peace of the Wild Things (2012).

The Rocket Summer Prepares New Album

The Rocket Summer, the project of prolific creative and one man band Bryce Avary, has fallen quiet in the three years since Zoetic released. But Bryce broke his silence this week to share that new music is coming soon.

“I thought I had finished recording most of the album so I went on tour last summer and proclaimed from the stage night after night that my new album was almost done,” Bryce Avary admitted in the open letter. “And then more songs were born… a lot more. Songs that I simply had to chase.”

This resulted in the musician re-entering the studio, creating, and ultimately taking a step back to assess what he had. “And on Jan 2, I started sifting through the mountain of songs and am now finally M I X I N G this new album. I have to say the way it’s sounding is making me smile real big. I’m very proud of it and can’t wait for it to be ours and not just this thing only I know about.”

Excited fans instantly responded with enthusiasm. The project will be The Rocket Summer’s seventh since their break-out debut Calendar Days in 2003. To keep up with the mixing process and find out when the official release date is set for, find The Rocket Summer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Switchfoot Drops Second Single From Upcoming Album ‘Native Tongue’

The excitement for the January 2019 release of Switchfoot’s latest project Native Tongue continues to build. On November 16, the band released up-tempo alternative rocker “Voices” as the second single for the project.

In addition to the new tune, the band also unveiled an accompanying music video.

On October 22, Switchfoot delivered their hiatus-ending lead single, 11th album title track “Native Tongue.” The album is set for release on January 18, 2019. Find “Voices” on iTunes or Spotify.

Keep up with Switchfoot by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or by visiting their website.

Thrice’s ‘Palms’ Debuts Atop Charts

Alternative rock band Thrice is impacting charts in a big way with their latest release, Palms.

According to an article published by and shared on Facebook, Palms “debuts atop Billboard’s Alternative Albums and Hard Rock Albums charts with 18,000 equivalent album units earned.”

The article states that “Palms is the group’s second total and consecutive No. 1 on both charts, following To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere.”

Keep up with Thrice by visiting their website or following them on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Reflecting Unity and Peace: ‘Palms’ by Thrice

Epitaph Records post-hardcore band Thrice is back with their tenth studio album, Palms— their second project since returning from a four-year hiatus in 2015.

Musically, Palms has something for everyone, ranging in style from soft and folksy to their trademark heavier brand of alternative rock.  The album is perhaps the most diverse the band has released since 2005’s Vheissu.

The lead track is “Only Us,” which opens up with Eddie Breckenridge throwing down a steady dose of bass before a beautifully balanced synthesizer mix is layered with smooth and locked-in vocals from front man Dustin Kensrue.

Thrice is not afraid to address deep and challenging topics lyrically, as evidenced from the top by asking when we will have had enough division, violence, and separation from others.  The chorus pleas for unity:  “Finally when will it be enough / To find there’s no them / There is only us.”

The album continues with that theme of human contention while provoking thoughts on how to make the world better. “The Grey” is the first single from Palms. The tune is a toe-tapping rocker about embracing life despite anxiety and doubt while the band shows off their edgier side.

Palms includes a perfect blend of upbeat tracks as well as ballads, like “Just Breathe.”  The softer side of Thrice underscores arrangements that bring pleasant vocal harmonies to the fore.  This is even more evident on “Everything Belongs,” a continuation of the theme of unity and how everything works together to make us stronger. “I’m finally seeing how the spaces make the song / I’m finally seeing now that everything belongs.”

The best (and hardest) track on the record may be “Hold Up A Light.” Stylistically similar to “Blood on the Sand” from To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, this track opens with hard-driving rhythmic percussion laid down by drummer Riley Breckenridge that provides the backbone for this hooky headbanger. The song encourages listeners to hold up a light in the darkness and “raise your lamps a little higher up and til the world is won.”

The record winds down with “Blood On Blood,” with guitarist Teppei Teranishi setting the table with a folk rock feel. Kensrue hits the high notes here as the theme of struggle for reconciliation continues: “Where’s the world we’re dreaming of / Cause I’m waking up / It’s funny how we show our love / We need a better blood on blood.”

“Beyond The Pines” is the closing meditation here, softly reflecting and bringing the painful wrestling to a conclusion: “Somewhere down the road is a place that we can go where everyone / And everything is divine / And when we’re all awake, we can finally make an end of these / Divisions in our minds.”

Easy to listen to, raw west-coast rock and roll with a perfect blend of electronic vibes combine to make Palms a forty-minute musical and spiritual journey well worth embarking on.

Related artists: Switchfoot, Audio Adrenaline (Mark Stuart era), House of Heroes

Find Palms on iTunes and Spotify

Where Ethereal and Visceral Meet: ‘Viscera’ by My Epic

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My Epic isn’t your average alt rock outfit. Their 2013 Facedown Records release Behold displayed a musical maturity hardwon through over a decade of shows and releases, matched by lyrics with an intensely honest and perspective-inverting look at the human soul. 2016’s EP Viscera, the first in a series of yearly EPs, is the perfect follow-up. The project is characterized by the same ethereal vocals and lyrics exploring raw spirituality as found on Behold, while introducing some of the grittiest guitar tones of any My Epic release yet.

The name Viscera is Latin, and it refers to a person’s internal organs. The title proves fitting for a collection of five songs that all explore the vital blood and breath of human experience. Lead single “Ghost Story” sets the tone for the project, honestly expressing the process of redemptive rebirth and the sacrifice involved: “Seeds will never bloom till they die, / wicks don’t shine until they’re on fire / and every newborn leaves a scar to remind. / If it costs me nothing is it worth anything? / I hear you calling me but God I am scared, still if you lead me I will follow you there.”

That kind of visceral rebirth is explored further in moody “Memoir,” a song that sings “I was finished / slept in grave after grave and waited buried / but the end I deserved never came.” The lyrics are backed by rhythmic piano and guitar lines that serve to drive the message of restoration home. The haunting instrumental interlude “Cesura” bridges the space between “Memoir” and “Wive’s Tale,” a song with guitar tones and structure almost reminiscent of Anberlin as the song explores the deep rawness of vulnerable relationships.

“Open Letter” wraps the EP with a sharp guitar tone and the searing question “what kind of God makes a world like this?” The open letter to God, expressing the turmoil of faith and doubt, is backed by perfectly balanced guitar and keyboard tones, tied together by smooth percussion to create possibly the most textured sonicscape on the collection. The song is a fitting conclusion thematically to a project full of prayers wrenched from the core of the human heart.

Full of hard-edged guitar tones, otherworldly vocals and lyrics that are both vividly poetic and intensely human, Viscera is the best yet from My Epic. The five tracks are just enough to satisfy the listener while building anticipation for the EPs to come.

You can find Viscera on iTunes and Spotify.

Mae Releases New Single ‘5 Light Years’

Alt rock band Mae has returned with the single “5 Light Years.” You can stream or purchase the single on all digital platforms by clicking here.

After being a crucial pioneer in the alternative scene of the mid-2000s, Mae has been mostly dormant since 2010 aside from scattered singles and b-sides releases. Last year, social media posts that they were back in the studio quickly excited fans. They began their return with the singles “Light” and “Our Love is a Painted Picture,” both released last year. You can watch the video for follow up song “5 Light Years” below.

The band also recently announced a short fall tour that will visit cities like Nashville, Chicago and New York throughout October. For more dates and future updates on new music, follow Mae on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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