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About Us

Rock On Purpose is operated 100% by volunteers who are passionate about rock and roll and the healing we have seen it create– both in ourselves, and on a broader global level. Operating costs are covered by our founder and occasional generous gifts.

We are often asked about ways others can step in to help facilitate what we’re doing. Although we consider what we do a privilege and a gift and at this time don’t seek compensation, if you are moved to support us in our efforts to support purpose-minded rock and roll, you can donate at the button below. You can also fill out the contact form above if you’d like to contribute in some other way.

Our Staff

Mary Nikkel: Founder and Editor

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I have a deep and abiding love for writing, photography, videography, and rock and roll, all of which led to spending four years as Associate Editor for, the largest Christian music website online.

I’ve had the privilege of supporting thousands of releases by a diverse range of artists as well as managing some of the best review writers in Christian music. Now in addition to growing my passion project Rock On Purpose, I’m serving as a freelance writer and photographer, still passionate about music that makes us think deeper and love more.

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Matt Durlin: Lead Contributor

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Since starting out in the late 1990s and early 2000s as a part time Disc Jockey for multiple college radio stations, including WVMM in Grantham, PA, I have been covering Christian rock and roll as both a DJ and writer on and off. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to interview artists like Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch, Kevin Max of dc Talk and Mark Lee of Third Day, among others.

After covering the rock beat and doing occasional reviews for New Release Today for the last year, I’m now teaming up with a rock-focused site,, contributing anything from news and reviews to features and sharing stories of hope.

Breanne Ciccone: Contributing Photographer


I’ve been fascinated by photography since I was young when my dad was a photographer. As I started going to Christian concerts, I always brought a camera with me, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I got more seriously into photography. I bought my first DSLR, then in 2014 I made it onto the photography team at Creation Festival NW. Since then, I have made many great friends, both musicians and fans. My love for concert photography grows with every opportunity. I love being involved in the ministries of these bands and helping to promote them. I look forward to continuing that passion by teaming up with Rock On Purpose!

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Gina Rose Monahan: Contributing Photographer

I’ve been captivated by music since I could walk. My dad was a drummer and he shared his love of music with me at a young age. When I was in high school, I found that I could capture my love of concerts through pictures, and embarked on a journey to learn concert photography. Being in front of incredible bands, camera in hand, is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

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Sam Segar: Contributing Writer

I fell in love with the art of writing at a very young age; in middle school, I discovered music that rivaled my love of writing. Over the years, my passion for rock music and the people creating it has grown into friendships and opportunities far greater than I could ever imagine. Working with the Rock On Purpose team is the perfect way to combine my passions and support artists who deserve a bigger spotlight.

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Sharayah Franklin: Contributing Writer

Christian Rock was a mainstay in my from early in my childhood to present day. My parents introduced me to the pioneers of Christian Rock, like Petra and White Heart. This only progressed me in my love of music, Christian Rock, and concerts. While in college, I received my bachelor’s in communication. While in college, I had my own Christian Rock show on the college radio station. I also interned with two different radio stations.

I always have had a passion for sharing music and musicians’ passion and artistry. That has since progressed into some concert photography and being able to capture that passion from bands on stage. I have be able to photograph local shows through one of my connections with a previous internship with a local radio station.

I am happy to be able to bring my voice to Rock on Purpose’s Vision!

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Chad Fenner: Contributing Writer and Photographer

Music is a constant in my life. At any given moment, some song (often, the last one I heard) is running through my head. To me, going to concerts is the ultimate music experience. My first show was in Petra back in 1978.

I have always loved photography, but not until around 2010 did I buy my first DSLR. It was love at first click, and it was only a matter of  time before I started photographing the shows I went to.

I am a Master photographer in the Fort Worth Camera Club and have won  numerous awards there and at other local and regional camera competitions. More often than not, that winning photograph is from a concert the week before the competition.

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Jessica Walker: Contributing Writer

Music is a huge part of my life!  I studied piano, piano pedagogy, and voice in college, and now I work as a piano instructor at a fine arts school and in a university prep program. In my free time, I love arranging and songwriting. I share much of what I do on my YouTube channel. And, of course, I love attending concerts any chance I get! Christian rock music has made a positive impact in my life in more ways than I could ever count, and I am proud to use any means I can to further this industry. I’m excited to be part of the Rock on Purpose team!

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