Reflecting On Chains Unchained 2021: Where Metal Meets Ministry

Chains Unchained Festival Banner Image

Chains Unchained 2021 is in the books, with the proceeds from this year going to charities like His Table Ministries. The festival featured a lineup with headliners Chaotic Resemblance and The Protest, along with Zahna and Bred 4 War, and introduced a fiery fan favorite metalcore band, Brotality.

Before It Gets Better: “Sober” by Seventh Day Slumber

Although addiction is a very common human experience, it's also an uncomfortable one. The process is messy, complicated, disquieting to sit with. That makes it easy to default to wrapping it up in a varnished, shined-up narrative of linear healing: "addicted" to "better." But that is simply not the process most of us live. That's why we need songs like "Sober" from Seventh Day Slumber.