Foundational: “Break the Silence” by Love Like Gravity

Love Like Gravity Break the Silence cover art

From beginning to end, Love Like Gravity offers listeners something uniquely foundational with Break The Silence. It's an invitation issued to those enduring difficult times: hold onto what you know to be true. Hold onto how loved you are by God. And, if it helps, hold onto the joy of solidly built rock and roll.

The Kingdom is Here: Dominion by Skillet

Skillet Dominion cover

Taking Dominion as a whole, it’s evident that Skillet is using their influence in this pivotal moment to remind listeners of the power available to them through the living Spirit of God. Skillet’s approach has always been the straightforward passion that rock and roll was built for. That fearlessness is well-suited to dispelling the darkness of our current cultural anxieties.

DAV Encourages Unity With Latest Single “The Divided”

DAV is not backing down from their desire to spread a message of hope and unity during a time when there is so much hatred, anger, and fear. Although “The Divided” was inspired by the way the COVID crisis has caused many people to pick and defend their side, frontman Dave Hanson shares that, at the root of it all, there is a deeper issue: we are all broken and in need of a savior.