LEDGER Shares “Goner” Video

Jen Ledger gave fans a treat today when she posted an "at home" performance of an unreleased new song, "Goner." The video features Jen Ledger with vocals, Luke Andrews on guitar, Jalon Richard on Drums, and Chris Martin on guitar. The song was arranged by Skillet's Korey Cooper. The video for this at home performance [...]

Stephen Christian Starts Reactant Media Podcast

Stephen Christian of Anberlin and Anchor & Braille announced that he is starting a podcast with Brad Miller called "Reactant Media" on YouTube. This podcast is focused on "creating content on leadership, design, business, and innovation, all shared through our YouTube Channel and other various platforms." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t8oKVHbm0Y Their first YouTube video describes what Reactant Media [...]

Relient K Releases Live Album

If you are trying to live vicariously through band livestreams and mentally visualizing concerts through the album tracks like me, then this album might be just for you. Relient K has been systematically releasing live videos from their shows, but they also just released an amazing live album with many fan favorites. It also includes [...]