The Identity Paradox: Who We Are by Fireflight

Fireflight Who We Are Cover

Fireflight has created an album uniquely urgent for 2020, certainly. But beyond that, they have created a rock record that says something truly timeless, that is likely to leave you more deeply rooted in who you are long after the last song has faded out.

Nate Parrish: Punk Rock For An Era of Panic

With an impressive musical resume including five years playing for Kutless and stints in rock worship bands Worth Dying For and Kingdom, Nate is an experienced instrumentalist. With his debut album I'm A Wreck, for the first time the world had the opportunity to hear his perspective as well as his notable guitar riff skills. The result is true Christian punk rock: the kind that challenges the ruling powers of our modern landscape while pledging allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. We talked about that kind of music, and about his impressive DIY work ethic, in this exclusive interview.