Victorious Sky Tour: Columbus, Ohio

Skillet is on tour across the country with Alter Bridge and Dirty Honey on the Victorious Sky Tour. This is a co-headlining tour for Skillet and Alter Bridge, and on this particular date, Skillet was the closer.

The crowd that came to Express LIVE! was a great turnout for this tour, and they were engaged the entire night from Dirty Honey, the openers, through singing loudly during Alter Bridge’s set, and finally eating out of the palm of Skillet’s hand, even with the new tracks off the album Victorious.

Skillet did not play a mild set: they brought the heat from the moment they stepped on the stage with “Feel Invincible,” then “Not Gonna Die,” and then a new track off the current release, “You Ain’t Ready.” There was never a lull as they brought high energy tune after high energy tune. They made sure to play crowd favorites like “Monster,” “Hero,” “Comatose,” “Whispers in the Dark,” and “Awake and Alive.” They also made sure to include several new tracks like “Legendary,” “You Ain’t Ready,” “Save Me,” and the soaring “Victorious.”

Some of the memorable moments included the always exciting cryo cannons, the cryo blasters John straps to his arms, and watching the fans crowd surf. The most memorable happened near the end of the show when John jumped off the stage and climbed into the crowd– much to the crowd’s excitement– and let someone sing along with him.

I have seen Skillet in many venues, as this was my 24th Skillet show. No matter what stage they’re on, in an arena doing Winter Jam or these smaller venues, they never cease to put on one of the most engaging performances in the rock genre. I will never tire of seeing them rock the stage.

See the full concert gallery. All photos by Sharayah Franklin.

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