Poetic Descent Releases Weighty New Single ‘Pariah’

Poetic Descent has released a new single titled “Pariah,” a song that takes an unflinching look at those the church chooses to bar from its doors.

The song leans towards the melodic, with a smooth melody in the chorus (but plenty of screams layered in to give the song a punch). Poetic Descent members Jared Lacey and Adam Thompson created the collaborative song with help from Jake Bryant (Dangerkids) and Joel Holycross, their manager and former bandmate.

The music video for the song premiered today as well via Metal Nexus. You can see all download and streaming options for the track at https://snd.click/sBnUoDY.

Poetic Descent is a duo born out of former band Mayfly, focusing on raw and redemptive themes. You can learn more about them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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