Summer Rockfest Lineup Announced

Seventh Day Slumber unveiled the lineup for the 2019 Summer Rockfest Tour today, along with booking information for the annual heavy music event series.

This year the lineup will feature tour hosts Seventh Day Slumber along with Rockfest Records artists The Persuaded, Amongst The Giants and SILVERSYDE. According to a social media post, the tour will feature “new bands, new music, new sound, new lighting and a new LED wall!” For churches and venues interested in booking this tour, follow and contact Seventh Day Slumber on Facebook or learn more by visiting their website.

The Persuaded released a fiery full length album, Dawn of Destruction earlier this month. Amongst The Giants is currently touring as part of the lineup for the City Rockfest Tour, supporting the late 2018 albumĀ Obscene. Silversyde is one of the more recent signees with Rockfest Records, and they are expected to drop new music this year as well.

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