Veridia Launches Fragrance to Go Along With Single ‘Perfume’

Veridia concludes a busy 2018– a year in which they released The Beast You Feed and were nominated for a We Love Award for Pop Album of the Year-– by unveiling their own signature perfume.

In a post on social media last week, lead singer Deena Jakoub announced a fragrance to go along with the themed song, saying “we couldn’t release a song called ‘Perfume’ without launching a signature fragrance to go along with it!”

The perfume is limited in availability, hand-mixed by Deena and comes with a t-shirt inspired by the song (which you can find on iTunes and Spotify). Jakoub added, “I made this blend after being introduced to aromatherapy by friends and family, and these 3 essential oils have lifted me through some very difficult times. It’s like a hot cup of spiced Earl Grey tea with cream to fend off the winter blues!”

Pre-order the special and limited edition fragrance by visiting the Veridia webstore.  Keep up with the band by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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