Andrew Schwab Debuts Pilot of ‘Pioneers Podcast’

Andrew Schwab, lead singer of hard rock veteran band Project 86, announced the debut of the Pioneers Podcast.

“The pilot episode of Pioneers Podcast is up,” said Schwab in a post on the band Facebook page. Rock On Purpose previously reported that Schwab was planning the podcast, which is supported through direct fan-to-creator support system Patreon.

In the pilot, Andrew Schwab talks about the purpose of the podcast, which he calls “the culmination of his life’s work thus far.” There are three parts to the podcast: the basic episode format, private content for Patrons, and the breakdown, which is available with the pilot but for future episodes will be reserved for Sergeants and Generals.

“I need more subscribers,” he said in the post.  “Listen and become a Patron!”

You can support the podcast by visiting its Patreon page. You can also follow Andrew Schwab and all of his artistic endeavors on Facebook and Twitter.

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