Rising Rock Group 3 Days Under Releases ‘Mended’

Rising rock band 3 Days Under’s latest song, “Mended,” exhibits their grunge-rock-meets-hope ethos perfectly.

3 Days Under is a rock group based in Kentucky. The gritty guitar sound and rasping vocals on “Mended” will instantly remind listeners of mainstay bands in the post-grunge movement, acts like Seether and Shinedown. But the lyrics are centered on a need for salvation from the worst moments of our lives. Lead singer Patrick Rivers sings the heart of the song on the chorus: “to be with You is like breathing for the first time / in these moments, You mend what’s broken. / To be without You is like dying on the inside…


“Mended” will satisfy listeners who have been missing the classic distorted rock sound and comfort those desperate for redemption, all while promising great things to come from 3 Days Under. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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