Ledger Releases Music Video for ‘Not Dead Yet’

Ledger has released a music video for her song “Not Dead Yet,” the lead single from her debut Ledger EP.

The music video debuted exclusively on Billboard.com. The cinematic piece features Jen Ledger in an intense boxing match, symbolizing the fight with paralyzing anxiety that inspired “Not Dead Yet.” You can watch the video below.


Ledger created the storyline of the video herself, continuing the same hands-on and deeply personal approach that she’s used in the rest of her creative decisions. “I wrote the song because sometimes life just feels like it keeps kicking you while you are down, and sometimes you feel like you don’t want to get up, like things feel too impossible… There was a moment where I knew I couldn’t let these things completely take me out. I can’t let fear rob me of my own life. I’d rather go down swinging and fight it, even if it is until the day I die. I wouldn’t let it just steal my life away from me,” Ledger told Billboard.

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