Samuel Day Releases ‘The Screen’ Music Video

Samuel Day The Screen

Independent rock artist released a new music video for his song “The Screen” last week. You can watch the video below.


“‘The Screen’ is largely about tech and social media, but more generally anything we use to transmit messages. These tools really just amplify the person using them,” Day shares about the song and the resulting video. “Like so many other things in life, the tech we use to broadcast ourselves is only as good or bad as what it’s being used for. I want this song to prompt people to think about the impact of what they are broadcasting from day to day, and encourage the listener to use what they have for something good.”

The video aims to bring this concept to life, Samuel Day says: “The story of the video is loosely about a broadcast bringing people together. I wanted it to be positive, making sure to underscore that aspect in the end. Plus, I just wanted it to be colorful and cool!”

For more from Samuel Day, you can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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