Switchfoot Launches Throwback Merchandise Line

Switchfoot has launched a collection of throwback merchandise to accompany the freshly re-recorded version of “You.” The throwbacks commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the band’s debut album Legend of Chin.

In an email to their fans, Switchfoot shared “We can hardly believe that it’s been 20 years since we released our first album, Legend Of Chin. We’re commemorating our first few records with the SWITCHFOOT Throwback Series, a celebration of our journey thus far.”

The series includes a t-shirt, a print and the re-recorded version of “You.” You can watch the video for the song below.

The throwback initiative is part of how Switchfoot has been occupying their time on an extended hiatus through the full year of 2018. So far this year they also released a line of April Fool’s t-shirts and their annual May the 4th (Star Wars day) merch.

The band concluded their merch launch with the note “Whether you’ve been with us since ’97 or joined up more recently, we are honored to sing these songs of hope with all of you.” You can keep up with all things Switchfoot nostalgia and get on their email list at switchfoot.com.

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