The Covering by Random Hero: Struggle and Salvation

Random Hero has built their following through a consistency of work ethic and missional focus that characterizes all the most enduring hard rock bands. With an impressive discography of independent releases under their belts, for new release The Covering Random Hero turned to fan funding, leaning on the dedicated following they’ve garnered through a decade’s worth of hard work on the road.

The Covering was envisioned as two parts: The Gift & the Curse and The Light & The Covering. That duality is definitely evident on the release. The first half has a darker tone, with songs like lead singer “Mirror Mirror” inviting introspection and establishing the need for deliverance. “Violence in Me” and “Where I Belong” further illustrate the struggles of a soul locked in addiction, calling to God for help. Musically, the band pairs theatrical, electronic elements with Joshua Bertrand’s crunchy, full-bodied guitar riffs to set the tone.

The second half, which falls under The Light & The Covering heading, soars through uplifting and redemptive territory. “Chance to Breathe” holds a strong mission statement in the bridge: “The devil wants you to think you’re hopeless, I believe we’re not that hopeless. The devil wants you to think you’re worthless, I believe we all have a purpose.” Many of the songs carry anthemic declarations in that same vein; “Fire in Me” announces defiantly “death doesn’t scare me anymore.”

Random Hero is at their best when they pair the heavy guitar riffs and Aaron Watkins’ intense vocals with an epic, theatrical sound (a dynamic fans will recognize from their live shows, as bassist Rob McDonough famously wears steampunk gear on stage). “Violence in Me” achieves this balance well, as do stand-outs “Satellite” and “Impossible.” Each of these tracks employs a vibe that perfectly sets these songs as a soundtrack for the visceral battle between sin and redemption.

I would love to see Random Hero grow and tap further into their potential when it comes to melody and vocal hooks; tracks like “Running” and “Mirror Mirror” boast exceptional, textured melodies with effortless transitions between raw screams and soaring vocals, an element I would enjoy seeing worked out more consistently across a full album in the future.

The Covering‘s strength lies in its ability to paint raw lyrical pictures the way the life-giving love of Jesus collides with our struggles, secrets, addictions and heartaches. Random Hero holds steady in a focused pursuit of offering hope to the hopeless against a backdrop of music that offers the perfect level of grit and drama to complement the themes.

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