Movement One by Wavorly: A Triumphant Return

It’s been four long years, several social media rumors and one reunion show in Mississippi since the last time we had new music from Wavorly. Now it seems the stars have finally aligned for the alt rock group to stage a comeback, and Movement One is the first step.

Movement One is a two track cross between a single and an EP. The first of those tracks that fans heard, “Pressure,” is a swaggering rock track with a hint of a throwback vibe similar to the fusion of House of Heroes’ recent work. Every single member of Wavorly had a hand in writing the track, with some additional help from Josiah Prince (Disciple). The bravado of the chorus feels custom-made for summer nights and underground rock shows as Dave Stovall sings “nobody’s going to push us around / we’re taking over / we are the ones they warned you about.”

Recapturing the more mellow, ambient side of Wavorly’s sound, “Strangers in Love” captures the melancholy and confusion of distance in a relationship. Although guitar riffs certainly drive the majority of the track, the outro is carried by a haunting piano line from Ryan Coon. This duality re-establishes a crucial element of what made Wavorly stand out before.

It’s difficult for a band to make a comeback without their music feeling overly nostalgia-driven and dated, but Wavorly has overcome that pitfall with a confident musical chemistry that proves what we already knew: this comeback was long overdue.

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